Today an important online meeting between stakeholders in the painting and varnishing sector in Italy has been organised by Ente Scuola Edile of Piacenza and the enterprise Parti D’Arte di Molinari Ermanno.

Much was said about the importance of the qualification and certification of skills for vocational training, very topical issues both at National and European level, with priorities such as green and digitisation. Qualification means giving the client the right security and the right answers.

The meeting took place in the framework of the European project « UpSkilled New Painters », which is working in the revision of the basic qualification (level 3 and 4 EQF) of the Painter and Decorator in a more modern and suitable way for today’s labour market needs, aiming to attract more and more qualified young people in the sector. The interesting opinions of the professionals in the sector, together with those of vocational training bodies, will contribute fruitfully to the finalisation of the new qualification. 

« The time has come to team up to improve the image of our sector », this is one of the key messages of today’s seminar, on which companies, producers, training bodies and schools must work at an educational and cultural level.

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