The 3rd partners meeting of the #Erasmus+ project UpSkilled New Painters took place through a Zoom video conference on 4th March 2021. Despite the fact that we would have preferred to see each other face to face, the virtual meeting has signed crucial developments for our project’s activities. The first results of the projects have been presented.

In particular a good job has been done in the revision of the qualification and in the development of the new added units (check here the results). Now the partner TraitDeco (BE) is working on the integration of a new unit concerning spray techniques that has been suggested from the participants of the National Validation Workshop in Belgium. This shows a positive reaction from the sectoral stakeholders that proof great interest in our project’s activities.

On the other hand the Report on Migrants Painting Labour Market integration has been finalized. Its interesting results gathers relevant information on the current situation, identifying the existing barriers in the partners countries to the participation of the Painting SMEs in the migrant’s programmes, and detecting good practices of inclusive integration (read more here).

Now the consortium is working on the organization of the National Dissemination events in each partner’s country, in order to present to the stakeholders the Reports resulting from the IO2 (Migrants Painting labour market integration) and IO3 (Research on needs/opportunities on informal learning in the Painting sector). Due to the current circumstances the events will take place online. All the related information will be provided and posted on this website soon.

Thank you all for your valuable cooperation!
Looking forward to achieving more project’s results.🔜


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