On 14 October 2021 in Luxembourg, UNIEP, the coordinator of the #Erasmus+ project UpSkilled New Painters organised the 5th and final partners’ meeting. This took place both face-to-face and on-line in order to permit to all partners to take part to the discussions. A state of the art of the project’s activities was made by the coordinator who listed the tasks to be finalised and recalled to partners the guidelines for reporting.

The partner IMANOVATION presented the work accomplished on the comparison of the Recognition of Prior Learning in 16 EU countries and the next publication of a report on this issue.

CPEONS, from its side, explained how the diagnosis tools were developed to access the non-formal and informal learning and how the certification process was drawn.

On the other hand, the partner EnteScuolaEdile showed the pedagogical kit addressed to the teachers and the exercises to validate the process. A video realised on a case study concerning the painting work on a historical façade was also shown to the partners.

Thank you all for the excellent work!
Looking forward to the final project’s results 🔜

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