The consortium is composed by 8 complementary partners between Painting Contractors associations, VET institutes and companies from 6 different EU countries.


UNIEP – The International Association of Painting Contractors (LU)

The International Association of Painting Contractors (UNIEP) is a Private Professional Association representing 60,000 businesses and employing over 240,000 contractors through its 19-member associations in 15 European countries. Since 1953, UNIEP is the voice for painting contractors and allied trades and the authoritative trade association representing Professional Painters.
UNIEP as coordinator will be the partner responsible for the management of the project, communication among partners, quality assurance and dissemination plan.

VET institutes :

CPEONS – Conseil des Pouvoirs Organisateurs de l’Enseignement Officiel Neutre Subventionné (BE)

Through its experience in the qualifying teaching, CPEONS is working on the different organizational aspects of teaching whether it is on the reference document for competences and skills, on programmes, evaluations and certification. CPEONS develops training in different painting techniques to promote the attractiveness and the development of the profession among young people and adults in lack of diploma or willing to restart studying. CPEONS aims to connect the training centres and the painting schools of the different European countries to establish links and in order to build up a common EU certification.
CPEONS will be the partner with a major role in designing and developing the methodology and the support tools for the recognition of prior learning.

Ente scuola edile (IT)

The Ente Scuola Edile is set up in Piacenza by Confindustria Piacenza and the three trade unions, FILLEA-CGIL, FILCA-CISL, FENEAL-UIL. The Building School of Piacenza aims to boost professional training as an essential means for the development of the professionalism of the workers in the construction sector in order to acquire, improve and perfect their skills and professional skills and increase the awareness of work aimed at production improvement.
Ente Scuola Edile will be a partner with a strong involvement in the report on migrants integration, due to the experience on the topic, and the leader on the guidelines to teachers and trainers.

Painting Association:

Måleriföretagen i Väst (SE)

Måleriföretagen i Väst is a regional industrial organisation for painting contractors, with expertise in law, labour market and industrial development. The long term goal is to enhance member companies profitability and long term development. Måleriföretagen i Väst, has a long history of creating and implementing development projects. A majority of these projects, spanning over the last 26 years, have been related to labour market and job opportunities. Being a regional organization as an integrated part of a national organisation, the office in Gothenburg has invented a number of labour market projects that have turned into national models. Since a long period of time this region has got an unofficial mission from the national organization (Måleriföretagen i Sverige) to keep on doing the development projects.
MÅLERIFÖRETAGEN I VÄST with the strong experience in migrants integration in the painting sector, will be in charge of the report in migrants painting labour integration.

Painting Companies:

The company Danek (CZ)

The enterprise Danek was found in the year 1990. The enterprise Danek has got almost 30 years of experiences in Painting, Decorating and other craft works. During those years the enterprise did different types of orders and the employees in the organization got many experiences. The enterprise started in the year 2014 a new project, with the objective to skill up its apprentices.
DANEK, as a company, will be adviser in the whole development of the project and a validator of the results on the RPL scheme.

Parti D’Arte di Molinari Ermanno (IT)

Parti D’Arte is a craft decorating company which deals with the design and implementation of decorative finishes and all works aimed at the final realization of interior and exterior. It is associated with the Italian national association ANVIDES FederlegnoArredo (Association of Restoration Companies, Painters Plasterers).
PARTI D’ARTE DI MOLINARI ERMANNO, as a company, will be adviser in the whole development of the project and a validator of the results on the RPL scheme.


TRAIT DECO is a company specialized in interior decoration and decorative painting. In addition to the many projects, it is active both in the designing of decoration projects and the practical implementation. The company deals also with the use of natural products which is essential as well as old decorative painting techniques (tadelakt, lime, clay and casein plasters). Existing materials on site are recovered and reused. Training is the second pillar of the company’s activities in both the public and private sectors.TRAIT DECO Sprl, with an important experience as a painter company and training provider, will be the leader of the qualification update.

Company bringing together a network of international and national experts in vocational education and training:


Since 2012, IMANOVATION (a private sector organisation based in Lisbon) – which brings together a network of international and national experts in vocational education and training (VET) – is developing activity at European level. IMANOVATION’s flexible structure has enabled it to develop extensive experience of providing expert support to public and private sector companies. The organization will bring to the project the expertise on the recognition of prior learning in the perspective of integration in the labour market as well to support on quality assurance of the project.
IMANOVATION will be in charge of the report about the state of art of RPL in the 15 UNIEP associated countries with the needs and opportunities on the informal learning. It will support the coordinator with the quality assurance activity.

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