• IO1 – Painter and Varnisher Qualification update

This IO consists in the update of the European Painter and Varnisher qualification (EQF levels 3 and 4). The revision of the qualification will be developed through new techniques and material introducing moreover greening aspects. The introduction of new Units of Learning Outcomes will be the reference to the recognition of non-formal and informal learning in the painting system.

  • IO2 – Migrants painting labour market integration: state of the art and good practices

The present output will gather relevant information in a report on the situation of migrants labour market integration in the painting sector and will underline good examples of an inclusive integration. This is an innovative report because until now, a mapping of the situation focused on the painting sector does not exist. The impact will be a strong contribution to the next IO and to set up the RPL in the painting sector. At the same time the knowledge about the situation on the painting sector will be increased as well as the migrants and refugees inclusion practices.

  • IO3 – Research on needs/opportunities on informal learning in the painting sector

This IO consists in the research report on the needs of skills and competences in companies, VET providers and manufacturers involved in the Painting sector. The research will analyse the current schemes and tools, as well as the existing good practices in the recognition of prior learning (RPL) in the 15 UNIEP members and how sectoral system of RPL can boost training quality and improve employability in the sector. The research is based on a systematic sectoral approach (desk research) to better understand how to bring individuals from other sectors to the painting one as well as to set up a sectoral system of RPL where individuals can demonstrate what they have learnt outside formal education and training and, in case of migrants, which qualifications and experiences obtained outside the EU.

  • IO4 – methodology and tools to validate non-formal and informal learning

This IO is focused on the development of an harmonized RPL scheme in order to certify the informal and non-formal learnings in the painting sector starting from the Painting qualification (EQF levels 3 and 4). All the phases and steps will be detailed, indicating the necessary tools in order to complete the all RPL process and obtain a certificate according to the painter qualification already approved by the sector.

  • IO5 – Guidelines to teachers and trainers

This IO consists in the preparation of the professionals who will lead the recognition process (e.g. teachers, trainers and others involved in the assessment and RPL). This phase of the project is focused on how to implement the RPL model and tools through the development of a guideline. This innovative pedagogical toolkit for the implementation of RPL process will be validated through a workshop foreseen at the end of the IO to ensure the suitability of the results to the future application.

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